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Independence Is A Duty – Garegin Nzhdeh

Independence Is A Duty – Garegin Nzhdeh

“Independence and an independent Fatherland are, first of all, a duty and only then a right, and nations that avoid fulfilling their duty lose the right to moral existence. A nation that relies on anything except its own strength does not deserve an independent homeland and a free life. Do not expect your homeland from …

Artak Movsisyan: “Everything Is Done To Equate Turks And Armenians”

Artak Movsisyan: "Everything Is Done

Head of the Department of Armenian History at Yerevan State University, Candidate of Historical Sciences Artak Movsisyan noted that “these books” (new school history books) do everything possible to equate Armenians and Turks and criticize the patriotic component of Armenian historical books that are supposedly aimed at forming the image of an enemy in the …