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Anti-Armenian Demonstrations In Istanbul

Anti-Armenian Demonstrations In Istanbul

POLIS, Marmara, Agos – Because of Azerbaijan’s attack on Artsakh, a new ferment against the Armenians arose in Turkey along with anger and hatred. Demonstrations against Armenians took place in Beyazit Square. The demonstrators spoke out for Baku and said that Armenia “showed that it is a terrorist country that attacked civilians.” Demonstrators gathered in …

Carnegie Moscow Center – Erdogan Tries To Involve Putin In The Dialogue On Karabakh. How Will Karabakh Affect Relations Between Turkey And Russia?

Carnegie Moscow Center – Erdogan Tries

Analysts of the Carnegie Moscow Center presented their vision of the further development of relations between Russia and Turkey and the conflict of interests in connection with the events in the zone of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. “In recent years, everyone has learned to see Russia and Turkey on one side of the barricades and the …