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Nina Katchadourian’s Eccentric Existentialism

Nina Katchadourian’s Eccentric Existentialism

In her first show at Pace, an artist driven by curiosity and a penchant for the absurd tries to understand the world. The results are touching and sometimes hilarious. Nina Katchadourian is a sculptor, a printmaker, a photographer, a performance artist, a video artist, a sound artist — but more than any of those things she …

Erebuni – The World History Encyclopedia

Erebuni - The World History Encyclopedia

Erebuni was an Urartian fortress and city, located between the Nor Aresh District and the Vardahsen District on the outskirts of present-day Yerevan, Armenia, and situated on top of Arin Berd hill. In Armenian, the fortress and archaeological site is known as “Arin-Berd” or the “Fortress of Blood,” and the name of this fortress city endures in the …