12 Unique Engravings on Armenian Motifs by an Italian Artist

12 Unique Engravings on ArmenianBelow, you can see a collection of 12 lithographic engravings on Armenian motifs published in Yerevan in 1939 by an Italian artist Rotter.

These images were recently digitized by ARM_ENIKENDSKIJ, which pretty much allowed the engravings to be preserved and be seen by the general public in all their splendor.

The clash of Hayk, the founder of the Armenian nation, with Bel, a Babylonian tyrant.
Aram, a progenitor of Armenians, and Nyukar Mades, his opponent and the commander of Medians.
Legendary Armenian king Ara the Beautiful and Assyrian Queen Semiramis.
Anushavan Sosanver, a legendary character and grandson of Ara the Beautiful.
Son of Azhdahak, a mythical Armenian man-dragon.
The birth of the Armenian deity of fire and war Vahagn.
Arshak sending Vagharshak to Armenia.
The commander of the Armenian cavalry Artashes killed in a battle against the 45-thousand troops of Alexander the Great. Had not Darius III fled from the battle, Artashes would have the chance to win.

Yervand (Orontes) fleeing the battle.
King of Armenia Artashes I and Alanian Princes Satenik, who would become the wife of Artashes and the Queen of Armenia.
“Curse of Artashes”. It is unknown which Artashes the engraving refers to.

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