3D Reconstructions of Ancient Armenian Soldiers

3D Reconstructions of Ancient Armenian SoldiersAlthough we don’t have much knowledge of the uniform and equipment of ancient Armenian soldiers, the below-presented 3D recreations were quite interesting to us.

The military equipment of ancient Armenians has been undoubtedly designed with utmost meticulousness. Armenian soldiers wear nothing excessive as if their uniforms and equipment have been designed for each one of them individually.

Their uniforms may have been even comfier than the ones of the modern armed forces, but the reason for it could be the bigger number of gadgets and elements of uniform modern soldiers wear. On the other hand, the perfection of the outfits may be because those images are merely 3D recreations of an artist.

But given the fact that the soldiers mostly paid for their uniform themselves, it would be reasonable for them to wear only the most fitting and comfortable gear that was produced for them individually. With modern state-backed mass production, you would never get such levels of quality.

Reconstructions created by Arman Avakian Source for the images: PeopleOfAr

Armenian warrior of Cilicia 1198–1375 AD.
Armenian Warrior 1080-1375 AD.
Armenian warriors, 885-1045 AD.
Armenian warrior Wishapner 800-1300 AD.
Armenian Warriors 350-500 AD.
Armenian Cataphract
Armenian warrior
Armenian Cataphract reconstruction
Armenian warrior of Ararat-period Van Kingdom
Armenian Artaxiad Foot Soldiers

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