A monument to the brave, with inscriptions of the names of the gods

In ancient times, we forged a sacred pact with the Creator, a path we have since strayed from. The faith of our ancestors, once held in reverence, has been overshadowed by modern indifference. Our forebears honored the divine Power that shapes the cosmos, celebrating it with myriad names like Vahagn, Hay, and Kaj.

Yet, over time, we drifted, neglecting the sanctity of our Armenian roots and the divine essence of our language. We lost touch with our inherent identity, both intellectual and spiritual. This departure led us into an abyss filled with selfishness, ignorance, and materialism, hinting at impending doom.

Our legends tell of Little Mher, who departed from us due to our wavering moral compass. He beckoned us to regain our virtues, to cleanse our minds and spirits. But his calls went unanswered. Our ancestors, once possessing unwavering spirit and wisdom, understood the enigma of life and death. They thrived without fear. However, today, we struggle to unite, to defend our heritage, our land, and our very existence.

For too long, our response to threats has been to flee. Once called the Brave, the Ari, and the Gegh, titles bestowed by the very gods we now neglect, we’ve become a shadow of our former self. Our devotion now lies with literary figures, and our faith is expressed through mere words and symbols. Today, we erect statues on mountain peaks, though nature itself may reject these impositions, preserving its intrinsic identity.

Just as mountains stand tall and unyielding, we too can reclaim our lost glory by embracing our true identity. The image portrays a monument from the second millennium BC, a tribute to bravery, engraved with the names of gods.

Based on status Hamlet Martirosyan
Taken from Levan Tonaganyan Հայաստան Armenia Армения

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