About Armenian and Aramaic alphabets

In Armenia, ancient writings have been discovered, before the Mashtots period, which historians have called Aramaic.

A quick glance is enough to see that these letters are similar to today’s Armenian alphabet. More precisely, these are the same Armenian letters.

With the adoption of Christianity in Armenia, the method of ancient writing was rethought, some letters were added, but these are the same letters with which King Artashes the Great wrote on the border stones of Armenia.

Andranik Muradyan Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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  1. The Armenian alphabet has a historical antiquity dating back approximately 9,000 years. Mesrop Mashtots’ contribution primarily involved the systematization and integration of pre-existing characters, followed by the logical incorporation of additional characters. This was necessitated due to the Armenians’ utilization of external scripts for writing, likely attributable to a loss or destruction of indigenous script materials owing to recurrent invasions. It is noteworthy that the Armenian language, including its script, encodes discernible astronomical information, forming the foundational basis for numerous languages that have evolved from it.

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