Ancient Armenian Archers

Ancient Armenian ArchersHitting their targets from 500 meters, the capable Armenian archers confronted armies of several thousand soldiers. Ancient cuneiform inscriptions describe how Sumerian rulers attempted to seize the Armenian Highlands in the 27th century BC. But they failed to conquer the capital of the local peoples, the ancestors of Armenians. The monuments of that era evidence that storms of arrows crashed down onto the Sumerian soldiers.

Back in the day, the ancestors of Armenians have been skilled archers, and they passed their experience to the oncoming generation. The progenitor of Armenians Hayk Nahapet killed the ruler of Babylon Bel by an accurate shot from his bow.

Englishmen and Mongols are widely considered the best archers in history, but their bows have been much lighter than those that have been used by the Armenians throughout centuries. An arrow from Armenian bows retained its striking force at ranges of up to 500 meters.

Ancient Armenian bow and quiver, 14th-12th century BC. Both items have been the symbols of Armenia from times immemorial. Armenian as well as some foreign coins often depicted the Armenian bow and quiver. For instance, the silver Roman denarius of Emperor Augustus (reigned 27 BC – 19 AD) issued in commemoration of his victory over Armenia features symbols of Armenia, a royal tiara as well as bow and quiver.

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  1. Need more information on Armenian bow an arrow s In different times preferably from Bronze Age up to Middle Ages .
    The way they made their bows an arrows from. Also when did they start using reflex bows recurves .
    What kind of feathers in other words details also were they drawing the string Mediterranean or Persian way .

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