Ancient Artifacts from the Nor Haykajur Burial Mound – Artsakh

Ancient Artifacts from the Nor HaykajurThe archaeological museum of Tigranakert features a recently opened exhibition with 30 artifacts, which are more than 1000 years old. As was noted by the research team of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of Armenia, excavations were conducted in the burial mound of the village of Nor Haykajur (Martakert region, Republic of Artsakh).

Today, some of the exhibits are in the museum while the others are in the laboratories of Armenia, where research is still being conducted.

“Excavating in the mound, we came across a unique mausoleum with an entrance cover. There, we found a tomb as well as ceramic products, ornaments, vessels, weapons, and animal bones, which were most likely sacrificed during the burial rituals” one of the researchers said.

At the exhibition of the archaeological museum of Tigranakert, bronze belts, gold ornaments, as well as wooden details of A staff and the tomb are also presented.

Having learned about the discovery, many foreign archeologists considered the found artifacts to belong to the Scythian culture. However, local archaeologists have denied such rumors – the findings are related to the culture of the Kingdom of Van.

As you know, a large-scale research is being conducted for the first time in Artsakh. In Armenia, unlike Artsakh, such burial mounds have not survived, and therefore, any such monument found on the territory of Artsakh is priceless.

Today, the village of Nor Haykajur is included in one of the tourist routes of the republic, thereby enabling tourists not only to visit the archaeological museum of Tigranakert but also take a look at the site where excavations are being held.

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