Ancient Cave Tombs Of Van – Overview Of Historical Armenia

Ancient cave tombs discovered in Lake Van

During the expansion of the road in the province of Archesh, Historical Armenia, 2 tombs carved into the rock one kilometer apart were discovered. The age of the tombs is estimated to be about 3 thousand years.

The region’s Department of Cultural Heritage is investigating these cave tombs. The first survey showed that the tombs look like a tunnel and belong to the period of the Kingdom of Van.

The historic Birkline Caves in Tigranakert

Cleanup work was carried out near the historic Birkline Caves in Tigranakert, Historic Armenia, near the Dibni River.

The cleaning was carried out under the leadership of the Tigranakert Chamber of Commerce and Industry through the joint efforts of members of a number of public organizations. Every weekend, they collect rubbish near historic sites.

In this context, the Birkline Caves in Lice District containing embossed cuneiform inscriptions and the Dibni River Shoreline were cleared on the occasion of the World Cleanup Day on September 15 under the slogan “For Tigranakert, hand in hand”.

Large numbers of dead fish found in Caesarea

A large number of dead fish were found in a place called “Sultan swamps”. The “Sultan swamps” are considered a refuge for many birds in the province of Caesarea (Kaesarea, modern Kayseri) in Historical Armenia, but the incident scared the inhabitants of the region.

Upon seeing the dead fish on the surface of the water, the townspeople filmed the fish and reported to the authorities. An investigation is underway.

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