Ancient Fortress In Historical Armenia Turned Into A Dump

The Asur Fortress in the district of Eğil (Akl or Angkh, formerly known as Angegh Tun in the province of Agdznik in Greater Armenia) in Diyarbakır Province was turned into a garbage dump, reports with a reference to Turkish media.

According to the source, the Asur Fortress is at the mercy of fate. Since past visitors of this location have never collected garbage, the fortress has turned into a trash heap.

Due to the indifference of the authorities, the historical monuments that treasure hunters in Turkey turn to are being destroyed one by one. One of them is the Asur Fortress that continues to be attacked by thieves.

According to the source, Asur Fortress is one of the oldest fortresses in the region. It is not known exactly who built the fortress, but it is assumed that it was built in the 7th century BC.

Inside the fortress, shelters and warehouses have been preserved. One of the tunnels built around the fort leads to a pool in the valley, and another one leads to the banks of the Tigris River. The latter tunnel has a staircase leading to the Tigris. Currently, the walls of the fortress are still standing.

Turkish media also report that the tombs of Assyrian kings may be seen in the fortress. The tombs have been plundered by thieves but are still preserved. According to some Turkish sources, the inscriptions found in this historic fortress were left by Assyrian kings.


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