Ancient Healing Source Odzi Port in Lori, Armenia

Ancient Healing Source Odzi Port

Odzi Port (literally “snake navel” in Armenian) is one of the ancient wonders of the Lori region in Armenia. According to a legend, on the right side of the gorge, there was a school in which a wise old pilgrim was educating his seven disciples. On the left side of the gorge lived a huge vishap (dragon, serpent), from the horrific sounds of which all living things subsided.

One day, a woman with a jug on her shoulder went down the side of a mountain. Upon seeing the monster, she immediately turned to stone. The elder pilgrim sent one of his students to find out what had happened. The student, however, wouldn’t return. All his students likewise disappeared one by one.

The pilgrim left the school in search of his students and faced the monster himself. With his rod, he struck the dragon’s head and said: “May you become stone, and may a water spring gush from your heart. I command you to become a medicine for the sick.”

The words of the holy sage immediately became a reality.

Since then, two vishaps have been “creeping” along the mountainside. These are two stone veins: one is longer and thicker, and the other is shorter and thinner. These springs simple save tired travelers and help them rejuvenate in the summer heat. The first source is ordinary, while the second one has healing properties. This second source is called Odzi Port. The water of the spring is used not only by the locals but also by everyone who reaches this area.

It is said that in this place, a natural sculpture of a woman with a jug used to stand. But in 1939, it was destroyed, and the stone was used to build other buildings. However, the view from the spring still stays beautiful and unique, featuring a cozy settlement, an amazing monastic complex, and a picturesque gorge.

Odzun Oci port

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