Ankh – Egyptian symbol of life within the Egyptian-Armenian etymology – Vahan Setyan

There is a symbol in Egyptian mythology called Ankh ? and more specifically, Ankh Key of Life or Symbol of Life, which was important in life and in death. For the ancient Egyptians the Ankh was the symbol of life and it eventually was absorbed in Christianity and its cross.

Armenian word for “life” is kyAnkh կյանք. When one passes away, Armenians say “kyank@ kez” կյանքը քեզ, meaning ‘May the life be yours’, which is to wish one a long life for those who continue to live. (The expression of this saying is literally depicted in some of the photos you see).

Thus, the Ankh -kyANKH direct correlation is found solely within Egyptian-Armenian etymology. Notice we are comparing two concepts that are identical and the interconnectedness between the two become inseparable.

Setyan Vahan – Language as a Fingerprint (2014)

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