Armenia after the fall of the great Ani Kingdom

Since the fall of the great ANI Kingdom, Armenia has never become a superpower again. Tribes and cities of our people were dispersed to Southeast Asia, Persia, Mesopotamia, Jerusalem, Syria, Lebanon, and all over Europe.

The Renaissance period was the worst thing that ever happened to Armenia and Armenians. New ideas, philosophies, written versions of history, and secret anti-Christian sentiments paved the way for the rich merchant classes and imposters of the ancient world to suddenly become known as the secret society “Illuminated enlightened chosen ones”, and they spread their false literature throughout the entire world.

That is when Khorenatsis’s book (1695) and others like it were first written in Amsterdam and Europe, teaching Armenians that their ancestors were half Persian.

Teaching them that they never had their alphabet before 301AD and that we were the ONLY Christians that converted and destroyed our ancestor’s heritage.

The temple at Mount Nemrut is not only the first Aryan pyramid built under the mount (which they have covered with gravel and pebbles), but it is also the largest Aryan temple ever built with the largest statues of Aryan Gods and Kings.

There is no other temple and pyramid built like it in all of Jerusalem, Chaldea, Historical Armenia, or Asia. Still, the Armenian Pagans thought Armenian letters were not worthy of being inscribed on the stones.

All respected and recognized archaeologists have a famous saying. They say “THE LARGER THE STONE, THE OLDER THE STRUCTURE”. This invites us to ask some serious questions because ancient Armenian Churches have stones the size of many ancient pre-Christian temples.

If these scientists are correct, then these ancient Armenian Churches were built during or before the time of Christ.

Why are there stones found in Hittite regions of historical Armenia with Sumerian cuneiform on them, and 4 crosses like typical Armenian Khatchkars?

Could it be that the ancient Paulician, Boghomil, and Cathar Christians were correct about ancient Armenian Christianity being a continuation of the ancient Aryan Gods and religions?

Could that be the reason why those Christians were hunted down and killed all over Europe during the Middle Ages, and why they mysteriously disappeared and were labeled “heretics”?

My research over the years has led me to understand that the Christian cross and ancient Cross tribes existed all over the world.

The Samurai in Japan, Chachapoya tribe in Peru, K’iche Maya tribe in Mesoamerica and many Native American tribes were all CHRISTIAN and used the Christian cross and ancient symbols found in Armenian Churches long before their contact with the Spanish conquistadors or the Anglo empire.

I will get deeper into this topic in the future with images and more information. Ask yourselves, why is Armenia the only place on the planet with ancient Christian stone Kingdoms, thousands of Khatchkars, and 1001 ancient Churches that are built with MASSIVE stones?

What if the version of Christianity that you have been taught is not the true version of Christianity, and the true version was lost with our ancient ancestors?

The great pagan lie

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