Armenia, An Ancient Center of Metallurgy

Armenia, An Ancient Center of Metallurgy

In the territory of the Armenian Highlands from the 5th to the 4th millennia BC, locals have processed and exported almost all types of minerals. Among them have been copper, tin, gold, silver, iron, lead, zinc, magnesium, antimony, arsenic, quartz, salt, and much more.

Metal casting and the manufacture of various products from weapons and household items to jewelry played an indisputable role in the civilizational development of this region in the ancient world.

According to the historical evidence presented in the material prepared by, Assyrian King Shamshi-Adad V (ruled in approximately 824-811 BC) mentioned that the wealth of the kingdom — a huge amount of silver, gold, and bronze items and weapons — had been brought from the lands of the Armenian Highlands.

As noted in the article, numerous Assyrian and Egyptian sources indicate that since the end of the 2nd millennium BC in the Armenian Highlands, metal casting has actively developed. Moreover, techniques of metal casting complex for the time have been used by the locals.

Archaeological discoveries in Metsamor (Armenia) also testify to the most ancient traditions of metal casting in the country. A large mineral-metallurgical complex was found here, which dates back to the interval between the 3rd and 1st millennia BC. In the same area, archaeologists also found the remains of one of the oldest observatories in the world.

According to the publication, back in those times, Armenia has been the largest supplier of metals and metallurgical products to different countries of the ancient world.

The development of metallurgical production, as well as exports to neighboring countries (Egypt, Assyria, etc.) contributed to the overall territorial and regional development of both Armenia itself and neighboring states, concluded the author of the material.

View of the Armenian highlands on the Turkish-Iranian border. In the center in the background is Mount Ararat.
Metal belt Armenia
Metallurgical complex at Metsamor Armenia
Metsamor Observatory
Mineral and metallurgical traces armenia
Nimrud Relief
Rock relief depicting Tiglath Pileser
Standing stones ruins Metsamor site

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