Armenia, Land of Ermenen in the mention of Thutmose III

Freddy Silva, London – writer, researcher of ancient civilizations.

Egyptian territory and influence once spread far into Upper Mesopotamia, bordering and overlapping the Armenian Highlands, hence why it has been convincingly argued that theland of Ermenen mentioned by pharaoh Thutmosis III is alinguistic variant of Armenia.

The Egyptologist Flinders Petrie speculated that Queen Tii herself was of Armenian/ Mitannian origin, and that it was she who brought the Aten cult to Egypt, teaching it to her son Akhenaten. In turn, his wife Nefertiti, whose name in Armenian means ‘she who became the backbone of the ruler’, has also been suspected of being of northern origin, due in part to her bust clearly depicting a woman who defines Caucasian female beauty.

A letter penned by Nefertiti to her father asks him to send precious metals down “from the northern country” as part of her dowry, and since the only country bordering northern Egypt at the time was Armenian territory, there is substance to this hypothesis.

Later, the daughter of Smenkhare married the Scythian lord Niul (Scythia by this time was an extension of the ancient Armenian empire). Their offspring migrated to Ireland to found the royal bloodline of the Scots-Gaels. Her title Sco-Ta means ‘ruler of the people’.

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