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Armenian Alphabet "Disappearance" - Paris HerouniStraightaway after the Christianity adopting as State religion in Armenia (301 AD) the big disaster took place: all Heathen temples (except one – Garni, the summer residence of the King) and Statues were destroyed, all books were burned and abolished.

Armenian Alphabet was disallowed as a heathen one. During about one century only the Greek and Syrian Alphabets and books were used in Armenia although Greece (and Syria) adopted Christianity after Armenia and their Alphabets were taken from Armenian Alphabet (in IX cent. BC and later).

Armenian Alphabet was reestablished in 406 AD by Mesrop Mashtots according to the order of King Vramshapuh and Catholicos Sahak, But it was said to everybody, that this was a new Alphabet presented to Armenians by Jesus Christ, although Armenian letters were chiselled on rocks from the old time and it was (and is) known that Armenian Alphabet existed before Mashtots (as for example, so called Danielian Alphabet).

Unfortunately all these distortions of reality continue until the present time and even such a known Soviet linguist as H.Acharian writes that before Christianity Armenians had no written language.

All these (especially destruction of temples, all books and monuments in 301 AD and later) were (and are) the dreadful shock to the Armenian Old History, science, culture.

And all these gave possibility to many not honest foreign ”scientists” to speculate and distort Armenian history. In all these there is, of course, a big fault of Armenians, especially of the first Christian King of the Great Armenia Trdat ill and the first Catholicos Grigor, who were Parthians (not Armenians) and who coming to the top lordship in Armenia divested Armenian nation of their own Great Old History.

But this didn’t remain unpunished: later Trdat ill was poisoned (in 338 AD) and Grigor ended his life in mountain caves (in 332 AD). These facts were mentioned almost by all Armenian ancient historians.

Christianity is the Great religion of civilized nations and Armenians never were against Christianity, which was a continuation of kind AR God (the Sun) religion indeed. They until now are proud that Armenia is the first Christian country. But the problem is that the Old History of Armenia has to be reestablished.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Heoruni.

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