Armenian Highlands Has Accounts of a Devastating Ancient Catastrophe

Armenian Highlands Has Accounts of a Devastating Ancient CatastropheAt the ancient Portasar (commonly known as Göbekli Tepe) temple complex, scholars from the University of Edinburgh discovered evidence of an large-scale ancient catastrophe. More info could be read here.

The Portasar temple complex is located in the Armenian Highlands 8 kilometers northeast of the city of Urfa. It is one of the oldest megalithic monuments known to archaeology.

The complex is approximately 12,000 years old. The antique Portasar to this day keeps a plethora of mysteries, one of which may have been uncovered by English researchers. Particularly, they have discovered pillars with depictions of the consequences of an unknown cataclysm. Some of the artifacts featured frightening images of beheaded people. A statistical analysis allowed to discover that the depicted characters have been connected with constellations and astronomical phenomena.

The latter is of particular interest in connection to a theory of a devastating catastrophe caused by the fragments of a comet crashing into Earth, which in its turn resulted in climate changes.

Experts think that the creators of Portasar depicted the dramatic consequences of the impact of the Earth and the comet. This event took place in ca. 10950 BC. Further analysis will be able to give more answers.

The ensuing climatic changes severely impacted the development of agriculture in Eastern Mediterranean. The new cold and dry climate reduced the ecological capacity of the territory of the Levant, which forced the settled tribes of the Natufian culture to practice more mobile agriculture.

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