Armenian Symbol of Eternity

Armenian Immortality Mark

The Armenian Symbol of Eternity is a symbol of the national identity of the Armenian people. This is one of the most common signs in Armenian culture, which is carved on khachkars (cross stone) and the walls of churches.

Evolution of the Armenian Symbol of Eternity

In the Armenian culture of the Middle Ages, this symbol personified the concept of eternal heavenly life. Since the 5th century, it has been used in Armenian paintings, and then became part of the symbolism of Khachkars.

Closer to the 8th century, the use of the Armenian Symbol of Eternity had already become an established national iconic practice that has retained its significance to this day.

In addition to being one of the main components of the Khachkar, the Armenian Symbol of Eternity can be found on the walls of churches, as well as on other architectural monuments and in Armenian manuscripts.

The Armenian Symbol of Eternity is used in state slogans, monuments, and state institutions in Armenia.

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