Armenian is the People of Ar, the Pantheon of Armenian gods

Areg (Arev) or Ar, god of the Sun, Ar (Armenian: Ար) is the chief deity of the Proto-Armenian (Aryan) pantheon. He symbolized the power of the sun and combined the features of the forces of nature and spring.

Ar god (Sun) was the main god of ancient Armenians. The word is the root of the Egyptian Ra, the most powerful god of that country. Ar is Ar.Ar.ic (Ararich), the creator with the power to decide the life course on Earth.

Indicate the presence of the words Armenia, Ararat, ar common Indo-European roots. The idea of the existence of general-Ido-European poot meaning <> Arev( Soul, later- the sun), Arpi (heavenly light), Ararich (God the creator), Ararat (place Arar, that is, creation), Ariane(Aryan), art and . etc.

by Nouné Yeranosian

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