Mysterious Armenian kingdom of Mitanni

Armenian kingdom of Mitanni (One House In Armenian)

15th-14th centuries BC, the leaders of Hurrian (Armenian) tribes living in the south of the Armenian Highlands between Lake Van and the mountains of Zagros managed to unite several Hurrian (Armenian) tribes as well as their small formations and create the state of Mitanni. Hurrian people and the people of Mitanni were closely related to the Kingdom of Van. Moreover, the Kingdom of Van (Urartu) was a successor state to Mitanni.

The kingdom of Mitanni was a feudal state led by a warrior nobility of “Armeno-Aryan” origin, who entered the region of Aram Nahrain(Nairi)

Another fascinating piece of information that most people do not know is the well-established fact that Nefertiti, the world-famous queen of Egypt, the woman that revolutionized the Nile valley by bringing sun worship into Egypt, was an Armenian highlander.

The idea of ​​monotheism comes from the Armenian highlands. Armenian were the first to tell the world that God is one.

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt was a native of Mitanni. The Mittani kingdom of the Armenian Highlands was an off-shoot of the Hurrian kingdom.

The Hurri and the Mittani were in turn the contemporaries of other Armenian highlanders, the Hittites and most probably the Hykos. Today, all the aforementioned nations of the Armenian Highlands are considered to be, in varying degrees, proto-Armenians. Modern-day Armenians are the direct descendants of those ancient tribes.

The capital of Mitanni Wassukanni and the important cities Kahat and Taide has not yet been identified, but it is believed that they must be somewhere in the southeast of Turkey or east of modern Syria.

By Nouné Yeranosian

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