Armenian Symbols on Ancient Roman Coins

Armenian Symbols on Ancient Roman CoinsRecently, interesting ancient Roman coins with Armenian symbols and images of Armenians were discovered. It is quite exciting to see the images of Armenian symbols on ancient coins of other states.

Currently, there are only Roman coins that have been discovered. Perhaps, one of the upcoming articles will provide examples of images of Armenian symbols on coins of other empires near Armenia – Persian, Assyrian, Greek, and others.

• The Roman Silver denarius of Emperor Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD) issued in commemoration of the conquest of Armenia. On the reverse side is an Armenian archer holding a spear.
• Left – side portrait of Emperor Antoninus Pius (138 – 161), right: a mourning Armenian woman sitting on the ground.
• Left – side portrait of the emperor Lucius Veras (161-169), right: a mourning Armenian with shields, vexillum, and trophy in the background.
• Emperor Trajan in military clothes stands with a spear and Armenians at his feet, who are symbolically placed between the Euphrates and Tigris.
• The Roman silver denarius of Emperor Augustus with the symbols of Armenia – a royal tiara and a quiver with a bow.
• Roman silver denarius with an image of Marcus Antonius and an Armenian tiara over a bow & arrow on the reverse side. The coin was cast in honor of General Marcus Antonius, who together with Cleopatra treacherously killed the Armenian king Artavazd, who defeated Mark Licinius Crassus in 37 BC.
• A Roman gold coin of Emperor Aureus Augustus (27 BC-14). The image on the reverse side resembles divinity Mithra, who was worshiped in ancient Armenia.

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