Armenians and ancient Armenoids were known as ‘The followers of Horus’

Written by Gail Allison Evans in the book ‘The firstborn of God – Resolving the contradictions in the Bible’.

The father of Egyptian archaeology William Flinders Petrie also noted that the Armenians and ancient Armenoids were known as ‘The followers of Horus’.

The ancient Falcon-God from Egypt that was called ‘HERU’ or Heru-Horus during the Pharaonic period. The Egyptians referred to this God as ‘The distant one’.

Of course, it is only in the Armenian language that the word ‘Heru’ actually translates to ‘distant’ in Armenian. I believe that Heru-Horus translates to “My distant father”.

The same father that the Armenians Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Christ were referring to. The very first Christians and Churches, the Armenians, Arians (followers of Arius), the Paulicians, and the people of Aram did NOT believe that God incarnated himself in and through Christ.

They did not believe that Christ was God. The first Christians (The gnostics) who were labellabeledetics”believed that Christ was a CREATURE. Half-man, half-God.

What kind of creature? Perhaps something similar to a half-man half-Falcon? Could this possibly be why these same ancient Christians that were persecuted by Byzantine and Rome believed that the ‘Holy spirit’ was sent to Christ through a bird?

The same bird you see is depicted over Christ’s head in many ancient paintings and manuscript illustrations.

Through the real Christ, we reach our distant father.


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