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Armenians in Babylon - Paris HerouniThe town and State Babylon arose in South Mesopotamia during the process of building of Babylon Tower by Armenian Kesar Hayk, approximately at the period of 2526 – 2495 BC, when at that place many workers were settled.

In this land from the old time many Armenians lived. The first King of this land was Armenian Bab (from 2492 BC). Bab in Armenian means “kind life bringer”. After his name this land was called Babylon, which in Armenian means “came Bab (having) big soul” or “benign Bab came”.

From the old time Babylon was in friendly relations with the Great Armenia, Armenian Kilikia and Lydia. The flush period of Babylon was at King Khammurapi (18 cent. BC), which in Armenian means “strong father”.

In 626 – 538 BC and later Babylon was called Haldean (or NowBabylonian) Kingdom where kings were so-called Halds or Haldeans. They were Armenians with high knowledge. The word “HaId” in many countries and for very long times (sometimes until now) was in use (means) as “sage men”, “magi”, and in Armenian means “h s al e d = h – ar – d = (to) the Sun worshippers”.

According to handbooks the flush period of Haldean Kingdom was at King Nabukhodonosor 11 (605 – 562 BC). His name is very distorted by adding different parts. The main part is the first one “Nab”, which in Armenian means “na – b = he (is) kind”. In the book “History of Old World” by D. Reser and E. Cherkassova it is said: “Later the terms “BabyIonian” and “Haldean” became synonyms”.

“Babylon under Haldean Dynasty again achieved heyday” [117, p. 231]. . . In Bible the town “Ur Haldean” is noted. It will be more accurate to read this name as “Ar Armenian”. There are many old maps where Armenia is shown. In the book of British historian Rouben Galichian more than 120 such maps are presented [109].

The oldest one (came to us) Is the Babylonian clay tablet map dated from the VI cent. BC, the scheme of which is shown in Fig. 86.

Fig. 86. Babylonian map (VI c. BC), where Armenia and Harran are shown. 196 Here the Armenia and Armenian Harran countries, also Armenian Highland (Mountains) are presented (also Babylon and Assyria) [109, p. 36].

Assyria was a very aggressive country and a big lover of terrible wars with all countries around. M. Neiman wrote that Assyria many centuries attacked Armenia, so Armenian army with Mydian and Babylonian ones came to Ninve, capital of Assyria, and stormed it in 605 BC. Assyria was annihilated [90, p. 63].

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Herouni

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