Armenians in East and Iran

Armenians in East and IranBefore the Great Deluge Armenians propagated not only to the South direction (Sumer, Phoenicia, Egypt, Ethiopia) and North direction (Kolhida, North Caucasus, Crimea), but also to the East direction (Iran, India, Middle Asia) and to the West, to whole Asia Minor (Armenia Minor, Kappadokia,
Kilikia, Hlttite, Lydia, Troy).

Everywhere Armenians taught local tribes culture, knowledge, Armenian (i.e. Indo-European) language, kindness and Sun religion, forbade the human sacrifices. Armenians played also an important role in the history, culture and science of all these countries (as well as in Western countries).

Iran is the land which abuts on the Great Armenia from the East side. The Armenian name of Iran was Arran =Arean =the Sun (sunny) country. Later Iranian people became the arm of Aryans, Indo-European people.

At the DI millennium BC the first Iranian State was formed. At the II millennium BC the Old Persian, Avestian and Scythian languages were formed. Beginning from 9-8 centuries BC the New-Iranian (Indo-European) languages existed: Persian, Farsi (Dari), Tadjikian, Afghan (Pushtu), Kurdish, Pamirian, Osetian, Talishian and others.

The Great Armenia almost all the time was in close contacts with Iran. Some time the kings of both countries were even from the same (parthian) dynasty: Arshakids in Iran (250 BC – 224 AD) and Arshakouni in Armenia (62- 428 AD), Le, during 224-62=162 years, and all life of this Dynasty was 250+428=678years. There are many Armenians in Iran also now.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Herouni

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