Armenians in Europe – The United Kingdom

Armenians in Europe – The United Kingdom”The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has National regions: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland. In the I millennium BC on the territory of present U.K. lived Celts. In 5-6 cent. AD there have come Anglo-Saxons”. Anglo-Saxons were West-Saxes who came to the U.K. in 449 AD. Here they mixed with local population-Celts (or Brettons-Armorikans Armenians).

The name England comes from VII cent. AD. The Christianity was adopted in VI – VII cent. AD, and Latin Alphabet – in VII cent. AD. In the English oldest three-language book ”The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle” (about VIII cent. AD) it is written: ”The first inhabitants of this land (Britain) were the Britons, who came from Armenia …”

In Fig. 89a the first page of this book is shown. In Fig. 89b the translation of original text into modern English of 1861 is shown, and in Fig. 89c the translation on modern English of 1953 (now under title “The Laud Chronicle”) is shown.

It is also interesting that both translators (of 1861 and 1953) marked that “from Armenia” is an error, it had to be “from Armorika”. From the book edition time and translation time passed more than 1000 years, so it was forgotten that Armorikans (Britons Celts) were Armenians who came to Armorika from Armennia and Armorika is old Armenian name of Briton.

So author (authors) of the old book were right, saying “from Armenia”. About predominant role of Armenians (Celts) in old territory of U.K. tells also the data of analysis of the present English language, where 55% of words were taken from French (Celt-Armenian) language and 10% – from Latin group of languages.

The present population of Wales, Scotland and Ireland is more close to Armenians until now by their traditions, mentality, habits, folk songs, dances, etc. In Oxford Dictionary is said: “Welch – the Celtic language of Wales”.

As I know, the self-name of inhabitants of Wales is “Kumri”. It is interesting to note that in Armenia there is the old region with the main town having the old and present names “Kumri” or “Gumri”. The town Kumri is in 120 km from Yerevan.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Herouni Chapter Armenians in Europe

Fig. 89. Copies of the “The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle” old book, where is said: “Britons came from Armenia”. Original book in thr ee languages (a), translations into modern English of 1861 (b) and 1953 (c).

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