Artashes I – One of the Most Powerful Kings of the Ancient World

Artashes I – One of the Most Powerful

Artashes I (reigned in 189-160 BC) was one of the most powerful rulers of the ancient world. He was respected and trusted by the rulers of many countries. The case described below testifies to the high respect King Artashes enjoyed abroad.

In 183 BC, Pontic king Pharnaces I occupied key ports in Asia Minor – Sinop, Keras, and Trabzon. At the time, Pharnaces was in alliance with Mithridates Yervanduni, the ruler of Lesser Armenia, and waged conflict against a number of small city-countries in Asia Minor.

Despite his initial success, Pharnaces and Mithridates were defeated by the ruler of Pergamon Eumenes II in 179 BC. A treaty was signed between the sides, according to which Lesser Armenia and Pontus relinquished their conquests and pledged to pay a large military fine. The parties, when signing a peace treaty, invited Artashes I, the King of Greater Armenia, as a mediator in the agreement.

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