Artifacts from Mount Nemrut in Western Armenia

Artifacts from Mount Nemrut in Western Armenia occupied by Turkey can be seen at Museum in Iran. In Nemrut Is located the Pantheon of Armenian gods, Anahit, Vahagh, etc The pine cone and the bag, pineal gland seat of the soul, bag of hidden ancient knowledge and wisdom, the Vulture god cosmic connection to the Vulture constellation also called Cygnus, a major constellation along with Sirius for the ancient Armenians.

The references to these 2 constellations are found in multiple ancient Armenian sites such as Karahunge located in what remains of Armenia and Portasar near Urfa (now occupied by Turkey).


Guardian Spirit

This relief originally stood in the palace of King Ashurnasirpal ll in Nimrud. (Nimrud was an important city in the 9th and 8th centuries BC.)

I saw this vulture god for the first time on a potsherd in a tavern in Armenia. The Armenians there could tell me nothing about the being depicted. I found him creepy and fascinating.

He often holds a pinecone in one hand. The pine cone is a strong symbol of victory over death.
It is used to drive out evil spirits.

On the other hand, he often carries a kind of “bag”. That bag intrigued me. It seemed too feminine an object for such a tough punk figure.

I was particularly surprised when I saw such a “bag” at an exhibition in Iran. It turned out to be a weight equal to several barley grains:

  • 10 barley grains > 1 shekel
  • 60 shekels > 1 mina
  • 60 minas. > 1 talent

For myself, I have concluded that the guardian spirit is a kind of “righteous person”, who, like our “Lady Justice” and the Egyptian goddess Maat, takes account of the purity of your soul.

Louise Vlaanderen

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