Aytsemnik – Armenian Warrior and Military Leader

Aytsemnik – Armenian Warrior

Aytsemnik’s character is extremely important in Armenian history and ideology. In the Soviet years, the study of her heroic biography was part of the school curriculum.

Unfortunately, at the moment, interest in her figure has waned. And this threatens oblivion to her not only as an interesting historical person but also as an example of a strong-willed Armenian woman.

That is why we consider the popularization of her image a necessity and ask artists and people who are not indifferent to Armenian and socially significant topics to support the art challenge.

Aytsemnik isn’t one-of-a-kind woman, as it may seem. She was the product of the progressively developed society of the city of Ani in which women held key positions on an equal basis with men. In medieval Ani, there were many female bankers, merchants, architects, as well as female warriors and warlords.

In the 12th century, due to the death of Georgian King David the Builder, the rich Armenian city of Ani was threatened with capture by Persia. The inhabitants of Ani, both men and women, selflessly defended the walls of their native city.

According to the testimony of contemporary historian Samuil Anetsi, the beauty Aytsemnik, one of the Armenian commanders, particularly distinguished herself in the battles. Among the enemies, she was considered a symbol of death due to her passion in battle.

Aytsemnik became an inspiring symbol in the bloody war of Armenians against a superior number of adversaries. The shown heroism bore good fruits – the city’s defense was successful. Unfortunately, as is often the case, selflessness led to death – Aytsemnik fell in battle, until the last moment inspiring her compatriots and smashing the aggressors.

This warrior deserves to be remembered and set as an example.

Source: Армянские комиксы и иллюстрации | Պատկերապատում

P.S. This is who Armenian streets should be called after, not Bolshevik executioners – Alik Atayan

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