Claudius Ptolemy on the location of Greater Armenia

In the writings of Claudius Ptolemy, an influential Greek astronomer, mathematician, and geographer of the Hellenistic period, there are specific details on the geographical bounds of Greater Armenia.

According to Ptolemy, Greater Armenia’s northern boundaries align with sections of Colchis, Iberia, and Albania, following a line through the Cyrus River (Río Kurá). To the west, it shares a border with Cappadocia, following the path of the Euphrates River and the line of the Cappadocian Pontus towards Colchis, through the Moschian mountains.

From the east, Greater Armenia is bounded by part of the Hyrcanian Sea, starting from the mouth of the Cyrus River to the point at 79°45′-43°20′.

Ptolemy’s geographical commentary also details the regions within Armenia that lie between the Euphrates, Cyrus, and Araks Rivers. Near the Moschian Mountains, you’ll find the Kotarzenskaya region, which extends upwards to an area known as Bokhs. The regions of Tosarenskaya and Otenskaya stretch along the Kira River, while Koltenskaya and Sodukenskaya are situated along the Araks River. Near Mount Pariadra, the Sirakenskaya and Sakasenskaya regions are located.

This comprehensive and detailed description provides valuable insights into the geographical landscape and regional division of Greater Armenia during the time of Claudius Ptolemy.

Vigen Avetisyan

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