Cuneiform Inscription from Kapan Museum, Syunik

The image showcases an ancient artefact, notably a piece with a cuneiform inscription, which resides in the Kapan Museum located in Syunik. The greenish patina and evident wear suggest its age, while the characters inscribed on it allude to its historical significance.

According to historical records, the inscription was left by King Argishti, a prominent ruler of the Ancient Armenian Kingdom of Van. What makes this artefact particularly intriguing is its location: it stands as the most southern cuneiform inscription discovered within the boundaries of modern-day Republic of Armenia (RoA).

Such a find is invaluable, as it not only reinforces the expanse of King Argishti’s influence and the extent of the Kingdom of Van but also offers researchers and historians a deeper insight into the communication, trade, and political ties of the era. The artefact serves as a testament to the rich history of Armenia and the significant role it played in ancient times.

Image Source: Šuppiluliuma Nešili с Aram Palyan History of Urartians

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