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Distortions of Armenian History - Paris HerouniUnfortunately, Armennian History is very negatively distorted. Let me show this by some examples.

1. About so-called “Urartu“. According to present history, this very strange state with unknown nation suddenly arose with very high developed level, in IX cent. BC in South Caucasus and basin of Lake Van. They were able to cultivate metals (bronze, steel).

Then in VI cent. BC they also suddenly disappeared; after what, in V cent. BC Armennians arose in the
same place. All these are very strange. This enigma has a simple decision, if in word ”Urartu” instead of letter “u” to put letter “a”. Then we will have the word “Ararta or Ararat”.

Indeed, it was Araratian State of Armenian Behayna Kingdom (See Item 3.83), where Be • hay • na in Armenian means ”Double Armenian Country”, which was united “Nairi Armenian Country” plus “Arraratian Armenian Country”. I don’t know what “genius” put ”0” instead of “a” and “decided” that the language of Behayna was not Indo-European (Armenian) but “Semitic”. Perhaps, it was semitic “genius”, who so simply distorted all history.

Of course, this and other “scientists” do not believe even the Armenian King Argist I who founded town Yerevan (capital of present Armenia) in 782 BC and wrote that he built this town in honor of
Behayna Country by the order of the God Hard, Le, the Sun. Let us note again that “hay”, the main root in word ”Behayna”, in Armenian means “Armenian”•

These “historians” ignored even the results of excavations. It is well known, for example, that all archaeological findings (parts of clothes, dishes, decorations, weaponry, utensil, carts, ete.) are the same for ”preurartian”, ”urartian” and ”posturartian” periods. Anthropological data also tell that in
all these periods population in all these regions was Armenians (Armenoid race).

So nobody suddenly arose and tailed away, there was no any ”Urartu”. There was Armenia (Great Behayna) populated with Armenians, having high culture. Recently in this problem there is some progress. It was said above that historian M. Rimshneider wrote that Urartu is Araratian
country [61].

British specialist on Caucasian history David Lang in his book “Armenia, Cradle of Civilization” [53] has the Item 4 with name ”Urartu the First Armenian State”, and in the book ”The Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilization” [93] he has an article named ”Urartu and Armenia” [p.117]. All this is a progress, but even these authors can not refuse from the word ”Urartu”•

2. The mentioned book [53] in 2004 was translated into Russian by E. F. Levina, where the name of the book is changed to “Armenians, Nation Creator”[ l18]. This ”little” change changes all sense of the book.

3. To conceal that Armenian language is the oldest, it was devised socalled Aramaean language (also “semitic”) to make impossible to find out and read Armenian old scripts in Armenian (see Item 2.15).

4. In the book “Ancient Civilizations”, edited by G. Bongard-Levin, Moscow, 1989 (in Russian) [119], Armennia is presented divided to three parts: in South Caucasus, Mesopotamia and Asia Minor (Why?). In the part of South Caucasus about Armenia (by V.M. Masson) it is said even that “so-called Great Armenia” was created by King Antiokb III as the part of Seleucidian State, said that Tigran II the Great was a vassal of Roma [p.171], etc.

It is funny: the large Great Armenia ”was a part” of a little Seleucidian country! Even Alexander of Macedonia with his great army passed by Armenia from South. All these are deliberate and caddish lie. Indeed, why don’t Jewshistorians like Armenian History?

In all these and many other distortions of Armenian History Armenian historians, of course, are also guilty because they didn’t fight against all this injustice.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Herouni

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