Document on Privileges for Montpellier Merchants from Cilician King Oshin

Document on Privileges for Montpellier

Below is the photo of a genuine document from 1307, in which Cilician King Oshin granted tax breaks to Montpellier merchants and allowed them to freely enter and trade in the ports of the Cilician Kingdom.

Oshin (January 10, 1283 – July 20, 1320) was the 13th king of Cilician Armenia and the 21st ruler of Cilicia. He was from the Hethumid dynasty. Oshin was born in 1283 into the family of King Levon II and Queen Keran. He was the youngest son in the family.

On November 17, 1307, near the fortress of Anazarb, having ended up in the trap of a Mongol commander, young king Levon IV and his uncle Hethum II were killed.

The throne of Cilicia became vacant. Almost immediately, Oshin presented his claims to the throne. Upon return from Constantinople, former king and his elder brother Smbat also put forward his claims.

A serious struggle unfolded between the brothers, the winner of which would become Oshin. The official coronation of Oshin took place on September 4, 1309, in the church of St. Sophia in Tarsus.

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