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Enigmas in World Old History - Paris HerouniThe Old History of Armenia is made out from the World Old History. By this reason in the World Old History there are many enigmas and mysteries, when there are many facts but there are no answers, explanations for them. Let us present here some of these enigmas.

The Questions 

La, Who built the Great Pyramid 4500 years ago? And Great Sphinx much earlier? Lb. Why were they built? For what purpose? Le, Why were they built in their present places (sites)? For what were the great works done?

2.a, b, c. The same questions for Stonehenge, New-Grenge, Carnak and other big old monuments (4500-4000 years ago).

3. Who and why built the pyramids and temples in tropical woods of Central America more than 6000 years ago?

4. The enigma of geographical maps. There are a few medieval time maps on which the different regions of Earth are shown, which have the high accuracy impossible for that time. On these maps there are shown even regions not discovered yet at that time.

For example, there is so-called map of admiral Piry Rase dated by 1513 AD, which presented Antarktida, discovered at 1818 AD, so more than 300 years before the discovery! Admiral wrote on margin of map that he made this map using more ancient sources (which are not saved).

The more interesting is that Antarctica on this map is shown without ice-covering as it is now. By the geophysical data this was more than 6000 years ago! Moreover, this map concurs with the map of Antarctica made in XX century using modern methods of seismography by international scientific expedition [24, p.9-17].

The question (No. 4) is who and why made this map more than 6000 years ago? The consequence of scientists is one: in prehistoric time a high civilization, existed on not known yet place of Earth, had researched almost the whole Planet and transited their knowledge to other nations [24].

There are also other examples of such astonishing old maps made with very high accuracy [24].

The Answers

The main and general answer is that Carahunge and other data (including linguistic ones) are attested to say: at that time the necessary knowledge, instruments and technology had Armennians only.

The more detailed answers of above questions in PARTS 1 and 2 were done. Here we can repeat them just shortly. Answer to questions la and 2a is that the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge and many other monuments were built by Armenians, by Original Brain Center (Item 1. 34.), particularly by Armenian Kesar Hayk (Item 3. 30).

Answer to questions 1b and 2b is that the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge were built as the Observatories and memorials to keep for far future generations the information about the great scientific investigation that Earth is ball-formed (Item 1. 28.). The Great Sphinx was built to keep for far future the information about another great investigation of Earth Axis Precession phenomenon (Item 1. 22. and 1. 35.).

Answer to questions 1c and 2c is that to demonstrate the ball-form of the Earth some monuments were built at the latitudes which are at the equal distances (by latitude) from Carahunge. For example, the Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid are at latitude distances of about ± 100 from Carahunge; the Callenish (Scotland) and the oldest observatory and Amon-RA (the Sun) Temple in Egypt (near present Assuan) are in latitude differences of ± 160 from Carahunge.

Answer to question 3 is that Armenians in 15-2 millennia BC researched almost all Planet. Their great mission was to teach local tribes everywhere, to propagate knowledge, kindness, humanity and the kind religion of the Sun God AR. This attests also the existence of the same old legends of different nations in different places.

According to these legends, in the old time to their countries came white-faced and big bearded (the main indications of Armenoid race) Gods, who knew everything and taught them kindness and knowledge. Such legends have not only Sumerians, Hindus, etc. but also the inhabitants of all countries of Central America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, etc.).

Answer to question 4 is the following. Such accurate maps could be prepared by the scientists who knew mathematics, geometry (including spherical geometry and trigonometry), who had very accurate instruments for measuring the latitude and longitude of place and had big oceanic ships.

Such astronomical and other instruments had in Carahunge time (7500 years ago) Armenian scientists. Carahunge attests that they knew also mathematics, geometry, trigonometry and had high experience of accurate measurements with accuracy of 30 sec. of arc or 2 sec. of time. In the same time Kilikian and Phoenician Armenians had at that time big oceanic ships (”nav” in Armenian) and high level of navigation. Thus 6000 and more years ago the necessary knowledge and possibility had only Armenians.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Herouni

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