Eternity Sign and Armenian Kerkhach

In Armenia, this sign has different names: Arevakhach, Vahagnakhach, Battle cross, and Kerkhach. In the Armenian epic the “Battle cross”, which the heroes tied to their hands before the war against the enemy, is also an example of the swastika since this Aryan symbol has been the guardian of Armenian warriors for centuries.

Kerkhach is a symbol of eternity for Armenians and has been accompanying them since ancient times. In Armenian culture, this symbol is associated with the worship of the sun, thunder, and fire. Sun worship is especially significant.

The Armenian eternity sign or Arevakhach is an ancient Armenian national symbol and a symbol of the national identity of the Armenian people. It is one of the most common symbols in Armenian architecture, carved on khachkars and walls of churches.

Seen everywhere from ancient church carvings to modern-day emblems and company logos, the Armenian symbol of eternity is among the culture’s most significant signs. It is also thought to double as a sign for the sun. This is the everlasting spiritual journey of life.

Nouné Yeranosian

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