Five Kings of Ancient Armenia Named Tigran

Five Kings of Ancient Armenia

In ancient Armenia, there were 5 kings bearing the name Tigran:

1) Tigran Yervanduni (reigned in 560 BC – 535 BC), the son of Yervand I Sakavakyats. King of Armenia.

2) Tigran I of Armenia (reigned in 115 BC – 95 BC), the son of Artashes I. King of Greater Armenia.

3) Tigran II the Great (reigned in 95 BC – 55 BC), the son of Tigran I. King of Kings and King of Greater Armenia.

4) Tigran III (reigned in 20 BC – 8 BC), the son of Artavazd II. King of Greater Armenia.

5) Tigran IV (reigned in 8 BC – 5 BC and 2 BC – 1 AD), the son of Tigran III. King of Greater Armenia.

Tigran Yervanduni
Tigran I of Armenia
Tigran II the Great
Tigran III
Tigran IV

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