From the Armenian Highlands into western Europe

Around 6000 BC climate change forced migration from the Armenian Highlands into western Europe. These people brought with them a cultural and language footprint that lingers today.

When they arrived in Brittany they called it Armorika, ‘Where the Sun descends into the sea’. Moving to Wales they called it Cymru, after the Armenian province.

When they reached the Scottish isles they erected astonishing stone circles, and passage mounds like the kurgans of Scythia, Ukraine, and Siberia, and may have given them the names we know today:

  • Stennis = seat of ritual
  • Broggar = dance song stones
  • Maeshowe = assembly of noble people of Orion
  • Tursachan (Callanish) = doorway to the stone throne
  • Iona = ring of the people of Armenia

It’s been a mystery until now as to who erected a megalithic culture on the Scottish isles long before mainland Britain, but new evidence is beginning to offer some answers.

By Freddy Silva


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