From the Etruscan Goddess Vatika to the Vatican

Etruscan Goddess Vatika. Vatika or Vaticanus is the archaic Etruscan name of the Goddess associated with birth and the underworld.

This name, also called Vaticanus or Vaginatus, later came to mean the Latin, Vagina, that is, the female reproductive organ. The Vatican, which has its own lands in Italy, takes its name from this Goddess.

This was a Necropolis, that is, a cemetery. They named it after the Goddess Vatika, who was also associated with the underworld.

Constantine, the first Catholic emperor, had a temple built on this hill, known as the Vatican Hill. A few centuries later, the papal palace was built.

This is how Vatika, a pagan goddess of Etruscan origin, gives her name “Vatican”. Statue of the Etruscan Goddess of the underworld, Vatika, who guards the city of the dead or necropolis, where the Vatican stands today.

The symbol in the middle of her forehead is the Vagina, which is also the symbol of her own name, and represents fertility.

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De Vico Ancient Order Of The Hermetics

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4 thoughts on “From the Etruscan Goddess Vatika to the Vatican”

    1. Probably none. There’s also no goddess named that. It’s false. Just look up a list of the gods, not there. That face isn’t even from that god(because that god doesn’t exist). It’s named The Vatican because it was built on VATICAN HILL.

      1. Sadly, Vatican Hill is indeed named for an Etruscan goddess of that name and there are many places on the internet to find it. From the response, it’s clear that you must be a Roman Catholic allergic to truth and offended by it. Oh well, paoists have been offending God for 1800 years. About time you were offended.
        This is just one of the many places it is found.

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