Hike, The Warrior of the Great Victory

Haldi = Hike “The Warrior of the Great Victory”. Both Hike and Haldi were warriors who were matched to the Mighty Planet, and both seemed to be more heroes or kings than usual Ilhan, associated with victory and conquest of ancient Armenians, Hike with his victory over Baal of Babylon, and Haldi was more summoned by the Al-Babli Ararat kings when praying for victory.

The temples dedicated to Haldi were decorated with weapons, such as swords, sword, bows, arrows, and shields hanging on the walls and were sometimes known as the “House of Arms”. Furthermore, Haldi is often referred to as “Haldi the Victorious” in Arartic texts.

Just like Hike, Haldi was also fighting alongside his army on the battlefield and specifically took the front spot.

The root of the Armenian word for victory and conquest “hałd” or “hałt” (verb hałt-el) is probably itself derived from the name Haldi. The Ararat word for “open and submit” is also “ald.” Indicating that the name Haldi could mean “Al-Fateh”, from which the Armenians derive the word “victory” (Hałt-el).

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