Historical Armenia: Unearthing the Ancient City of Dara

Ongoing excavations in the ancient city of Dara, situated in Historical Armenia, continue to reveal insights into the past. This significant city, an essential settlement in Upper Mesopotamia, is located just 30 kilometers away from Mardin.

The chief of the excavation team projects that within three years, the site could make it to the preliminary list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Efforts are already underway to achieve this significant recognition. Last year, Dara attracted the attention of 600,000 tourists, underlining its appeal and historical importance.

Excavation work in Dara has been steadily progressing since 1986, with numerous discoveries already coming to light. These include a unique 1,500-year-old mass grave that is considered one of a kind globally.

Given the historic conflict that has taken place in Dara and its surrounding regions, an extensive defense system was established in the ancient city, including an 18-meter-long, 3-meter-wide wall.

One fascinating aspect of the city’s infrastructure is the constructed reservoirs that catered to the water needs of an estimated 40,000 inhabitants. These reservoirs, too, have begun to emerge from the layers of the past during the ongoing excavation work. As a vivid reminder of Dara’s extensive history, they continue to intrigue archaeologists and visitors alike.

Vigen Avetisyan

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