How the ancient world was interconnected, Freddy Silva

The Birthplace of the Gods is a site sacred to the Waitaha of New Zealand. In their oral tradition these monoliths represent a calendar stone, and the tutelary goddess Marotini., both carved with mauls and, although now heavily weathered, it is still possible to see the indentations.

The site dates back to a remote period when the Waitaha interacted with the Urukehu, described as astronomers and seafaring gods.

Standing on opposite sides of a valley, the two monoliths cross-reference the two main constellations of the Waitaha, Orion, and the Southern Cross, on the winter solstice 10,400 BC.
Orion is referenced on the same occasion at the Giza pyramids and Gobekli Tepe (ancient Armenia).
Now it gets interesting.

The physical attributes, mannerisms, and spiritual traditions of the Urukehu are identical to the Egyptian gods (Aku Shemsu Hor) as well as the Anu-naki of the Armenian Highlands. All three are linked by the same nickname Shining Ones.

As the indigenous peoples stated: they once lived alongside a parallel civilization of advanced individuals, “human-like but not quite human.”

Source: The Missing Lands: Uncovering Earth’s Pre-flood Civilization

Freddy Silva

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