In Ancient Times, The Foothills Of Mount Ararat Were Flooded With Sea Water

At the foot of Mount Ararat, in Iğdır, Historical Armenia, fossilized leaves were discovered by a naturalist. Soon after their discovery, the fossils found in the rocks that had fallen from the top of the mountain grabbed the attention of researchers.

Scientists from Iğdır and Erzurum started researching the fossilized leaves belonging to various plants found in the rocks. Particularly, experts attempted to determine which plants the fossils belong to. They appear to contain palm leaves that grow in warm areas with a maritime climate.

Professor, Dr. Levent Kultekin said the Araks Valley where the fossils were found is a very rich area in terms of biodiversity. Kultekin continued his speech as follows:

“Investigating the paleontological period of about 23–55 million years ago, we concluded that the Kağızman districts in Kars and Tuzluca in Iğdır used to be a seashore.

I can say that the shore was a coastal region of the Paratethys Sea, and palm trees used to grow here. This is a scientifically proven fact. However, there are no palm trees in this area today.”


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