Karahunj and Strange Images of Discs – “Ancient Aliens” Series

Karahunj and Strange Images of DiscsKarahunj, also frequently referred to as the Armenian Stonehenge, predates the Stonehenge located on the British Isles by some 4,500 years. The origins and purpose of both structures are equally mysterious.

The ancient stones of Karahunj are located in the Syunik Province of Armenia in the vicinity of the town of Sisian, about 217 km southeast of the capital of Armenia Yerevan. While the precise purpose of this monument is unknown, many scholars argue that it has been an antique observatory.

In this short film from the “Ancient Aliens” series, scientists talk about this megalithic monument from the standpoint of archaeology, as well as present some questions in relation to the images found some on the stones. Those images show figures with discs, the purpose of which is unknown. What is it, something regular and something that we shouldn’t have trouble figuring out? Or maybe the disc represents some kind of an antique spacecraft?

The World’s Oldest Observatory. Stonehenge of Armenia | Ancient Aliens

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