Karahunj – Stone Astronomical Instrument

Karahunj - Stone Astronomical InstrumentAll Stones with Holes, single ones or groups of 2 or 3 Stones (including also some stones without holes) are the unique Astronomical Instruments for different observations of celestial sources: the Sun, the Moon, stars, planets and others.

To project, build and use such stable and accurate instruments for different scientific purposes it was necessary to have the preliminary accumulated knowledge in astronomy, mathematics and technology, to have written language, to have high experience in methods of observations and calculations, for a long time of thousands years before building of Karahunj.

At that time there was no one to learn from, so it was necessary to accumulate knowledge from zero, which was very slow process and needed too much time. This was the main reason why the development of Armenian civilization required about 40 -10 =30 thousand years. The development of
other civilizations (Sumer, Egypt, Greece or other) required less than one thousand years only, because they had teachers, who were Armenians.

So there are grounds to presume that astronomy in Armenia started about 25000 years ago, and the first and simple work with simple instruments in Karahunj began more than 20000 years ago. Then 15000 years ago more complicated instruments were built. In Carahunge at present there are more than 80 Astronomical Instruments, which have been built and were in use from about 8000 up to 2000
years ago (see below).

Every astronomer who makes observations using astronomical instruments knows very well the frequent misfortunes with clouds coming to shield the object of observation at the very important moment. Especially when the moment you need will take place only after just one year (or more).

At Karahunj we met also these obstacles during our observations of the rising, setting and culmination moments of the Sun, Moon and stars. And at each that time I remembered the Armenian old, nice and simple song, which, I am sure, was a song of old astronomers. Here is this song.

In Karahunj, indeed, there is three-stone astronomical instrument, where the Sun comes every equinox midday to the top of the main stone (see Item 1.28). This song indeed is nice and simple (i.e, old) and at the same time is marvellous address to the Nature, to the God. I shall present below a few unique Stone Astronomical Instruments of Karahunj with the results of our observations and calculations for their age dating.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Heoruni.

To date, The Prehistoric Wonder in Armenia Karahunj is included in the Top Ancient Sites for Stargazing in National Geographic

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