Karahunj – The Temple And Tower Of The Sun

Geologist Hovhannes Azizbekyan, a convinced follower of the theory that Karahunj was also an observatory, explained his opinion.

According to him, Karahunj was one of the sacred temples of the ancient Armenian faith. And, like all the ancient temples of the Armenian Highlands, Karahunj was also a large scientific center and served as an observatory. The builders of Karahunj were well-familiar with astronomical research.

“They also worked on calculations [of time] to ensure that the most important day in the Armenian calendar – Navasard [New Year] – was celebrated on Aar Day. This was done 15 kilometers from one of the peaks of Ishkhanasar, on the equinox, to make sunrise more accurate,” says the geologist.

According to Azizbekyan, Karahunj astronomers considered the Solar Tower so important that they built a powerful wall around it.

“In ancient times, Ishkhanasar [Mount of Ishkhan] was called the Enlightener [Lusavorich] because the sun rose from this mountain. Mountains with similar names are known in different provinces of Armenia, including Western Armenia,” Hovhannes Azizbekyan says.

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