Khaghkhagh – The Winter Residence Of The Kings Of Ancient Armenia

The name of the so-called Qazakh district of Azerbaijan, bordering Tavush, is actually the distorted name of the ancient city of Khaghkhagh (Խաղխաղ) which used to serve as the winter residence of the kings of Greater Armenia.

Near the city of Khaghkhagh in 450, the Armenian army under the command of Sparapet Vardan Mamikonyan, Arshavir Kamsarakan, and Khoren Khorkhoruni defeated Persian commander Sebukht.

Gevork Nazaryan

P.S. In the Russian Wikipedia, the city of Khaghkhagh is for some reason named Khalkhal, with the etymology claimed to be the Armenian word “khal” (“birthmark”, according to a scholar of Caucasus writing and ancient history Sergey Muravyov). Meanwhile, “khagh” (խաղ) translates from Armenian as “game” and in no way as “birthmark”.

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