“Mainstream history” It’s classical imagination

These so-called “eye-idols” from southern Armenia (Sumer) are supposed to be some of the oldest figures ever found in the region (according to mainstream sources).

On the Robert De Vaugondy world map from 1779, it has ‘MOUNTAINS OF ARMENIA’ written right in the heart of Assyria UNDER Mesopotamia. On the Abraham Ortelius map titled ‘Alexandri Magni Macedonis Expeditio’ published in Amsterdam in the year 1528, it says ‘Armenia Garden of fruits’ at the same ancient city where these eye figures were found.

Over the last few centuries, DOZENS of non-Armenian historians, archaeologists, and researchers have written that ancient tribes or civilizations like the Scythians, Etruscans, Persians, and Parthians were all branches of the ARMENIAN race.

This was well known throughout the old world until they deliberately eradicated the ARMENOID THEOREM after world war two in the 1950s.

I’ve been trying to explain to Armenians for years that many of the tribes mentioned in the Bible who were at war with each other were not only related, but were also historically known as being Armenian tribes or Kingdoms before the Bibles were eventually translated and re-written by different European empires and Kingdoms.

If you teach a Kurd, Turk, or a Persian fairytale about their “empires” which are lies or pseudohistory, they will cherish it, accept it, and spread it. Even if 90% of the so-called historians writing it wrote it in the 20th century. Especially after world war two.

On the other hand, if you try to teach most Armenians the truth about their history or religion they will either be insulted, offended or will hate you for revealing something that they were unaware of. Even if we have ALL THE EVIDENCE to back it up.

Even if the non-Armenian historians who wrote about Armenia had been doing so for CENTURIES. I honestly do not know how long it will take for our people to realize or accept that “mainstream history” is a western invention.

It’s classical imagination. It is a child of the Renaissance era when very powerful and literary men wanted to change the course of destiny and the future itself by re-writing history. Not only for power and wealth but to conceal the secrets of the ages.

There were many wars because of blasphemies, sorcery, and deception. Napoleon Bonaparte went to war with the empire and wrote “HISTORY IS A SET OF LIES AGREED UPON”.

This region in historical Armenia called “Nagar” was the place where hundreds of these eye idols were found in a temple. In 1925 the French Mandate government re-settled thousands of Armenians in Nagar.

In the mid-2000s excavations revealed mass graves and skeletons. Millions of Armenians have been butchered and driven out of all our most ancient lands for the world powers or “allies” to carve out new nations and plant new puppets for their empire.

Even azerbaijan and Israel have always had the same architects, designers, project managers, and directors if you know what I mean by that. History sure does repeat itself.


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