Mashtots Hayrapet Church – Garni, Armenia

Mashtots Hayrapet Church – Garni, ArmeniaMashtots Hayrapet church (Մաշտոց Հայրապետ եկեղեցի) was built of a red tuff on the site of a pagan shrine located in the village of Garni, Kotayk Province, in the 12th century.

To the right of the entrance is a stone with carved images of birds, which is inextricably linked to the past pagan sanctuary standing on this place.

The church is quite compact.

On the whole facade, the dome, and entrance, various ornaments are cut out. Around the temple are scattered several khachkars.

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  1. Shnorhakal em, vor ays poqrik margaritin, ays hrashq yekexecun nerkayacnum eq mardkanc.
    Astvac Dzez pahapan…

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