Menua, Ruler of the Kingdom of Van

Menua, Ruler of the Kingdom of VanMenua was the king of the Kingdom of Van (Urartu) in 810 – 781 BC. He was the son of King Ishpuini and grandson of King Sarduri I. Thanks to the efforts of Menua, the territory of the kingdom expanded towards the western and southern shores of Lake Urmia. As a result, the Kingdom of Van and Assyria became neighbor states.

The northern border of the Kingdom of Van passed near Lake Van and Arake River. It was here where Menua has fought against the tribes that have been coming from the north.

Menua — Pravitel’ Vanskogo tsarstva
Menua – Ruler of the Van Kingdom

In 800 BC began a war between the Kingdom of Van and Assyria. Menua’s troops prevailed in a grandiose battle, seizing the territories of Assyria north of the Euphrates River. Shortly after this successful start, Menua took over several former Assyrian cities on the banks of the Euphrates River, including the Alzi kingdom.

Having conquered most of Assyria, Menua entered the lands of Melitene on the right bank of the Euphrates River and captured them. Subsequently, Menua organized a raid on Upper Mesopotamia, which still was a part of Assyria.

Menua then moved northward and seized the state of Diauehi, where he established a new administrative center and appointed a new viceroy. These areas would be then used as a starting point for raids on Transcaucasian lands.

In the years of Menua’s reign, a plentitude of defensive and land irrigation structures was erected. Some of the irrigation channels were cut through rocks. Menua also regulated the cult of the deities and introduced sacrificial rituals, which were mandatory throughout the whole territory of the kingdom.

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