Mystery of Mount Azhdahak

Azhdahak is the highest point of the volcanic mountain Geghama in Armenia. It is located at an altitude of 3597 m above sea level. There is a lake around the volcano, formed as a result of melting snow.

A beautiful view of Hatis, Araler, Ararat, Aragats, Lake Sevan, Kotayk Valley and the entire Geghama mountain range opens from the top of the mountain.

Azhdahak is an evil dragon in Iranian mythology, Azhi Dahakan. Azhi means snake, dragon, with which the god of thunder Traetona fights.

In “Shah Name” Azhi Dahakan appears as a foreign conqueror named Zohak, against whom fights Gruden, who wins Azhi Dahakan, and fetters him in chains.

This mythical dragon Azhi Dahakan in the ancient Armenian legend became the king of Marastan, who was defeated and killed by Tigran.

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